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Good film but absurdities abound WARNING!!! POTENTIAL SPOILERS!!!

Though the film itself was pretty sad, star John Beck was so wonderful he made/saved it. But first they sadly had to have him go back and slander & libel the Puritans for their grossly falsely alleged common intolerance and burning of "witches" very contrary to actual history, like with "Catholics" and the Inquisition similarly slandered/libeled, like the Crusades that tried to take back what the Muslims conquered/took first, and then there was the enviro-whacko nuclear holocaust nonsense supposedly "projected" "accurately" by "scientific" analysis (creating the supposed nuclear wasteland in 2025 that won't happen any more than other self-serving environmental wacko disasters), the new "priests" to deceive and corrupt us far worse than Rome ever imagined, either overpopulation or nuclear holocaust or "global warming" or whatever other convenient bogeyman by which they can do their Chicken Little act to scare the nation's fools into handing them the keys to the nation's pocketbook to pilfer it, like algore's crowd of "global warming" polluters making money off of us suckers.