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No topics? I might as well start one.

This was a pretty decent Giallo, although the pacing is slow and a little too much time is devoted to the romance aspect. The Venice setting is a good one, there's solid atmosphere, and co-writer / director Antonio Bido sets up some effective suspense sequences. One very effective murder involves being burned in a fireplace; Stefania Casini provides some delectable nudity. All in all, I liked it.

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It was ok. I think the ending was strong but at an hour forty five in, I was actually bored until then.


I agree with you on every point. It was slow because so many scenes were devoted to the young professor walking around.
Without the time spent on the romance though we might not have see this great 70s nude scene. It was long and intimate because these two cared for each other. I loved seeing Stefania Casini's beautiful natural lady bits!