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not bad for a canadian made movie

used to show up on tv here in the 1980s


it's great! i'd never heard of it before, and randomly threw it on tonight when i noticed it was disappearing from critierion at the end of the month.

it's kinda bonkers, has an unusually subdued but very cool elliot gould performance, lots of foxy ladies and seventies nudity, a very canadian shopping mall, and a fairly shocking bit of violence at the end.

i loved it!

if anybody out there is a criterion subscriber, give it a go before it vanishes.


i loved it also. caught it a few years ago as a random watch because john candy was in it.... was glad i turned it on, even though he was disposable.

Christopher Plummer was fantastic as the villain and he can really saw away on that fish tank. brutal....

the blonde's tshirts were hilarious also!


Canadian or not, this is a damn fine movie.