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Nearly as good as The Office (UK)

A user on the film's message board pointed out that this wonderful noir had a little bit of everything. He really nailed it.

It is a commentary on the state of modern life - bored and isolated people who are unable to form any connection with each other in the confines of their office. Scared that they would have to spend their whole lives doing some worthless job but unable to leave.

It is almost a tragic romance - Elliot Gould and Susannah York are in love but cannot seem to consummate their relationship due to the distractions of money and other lovers.

It is a terrific thriller - a heist gone wrong as a square but intelligent bank employee gets the better of a seemingly homosexual thief. A relentless cat and mouse game ensues not just between the employee and the thief but also between the employee and his co-workers.

Elliot Gould's performance is in the same league as Martin Freeman's in The Office (UK) when it comes to disillusioned employees who grin and bear it. Susannah York is adorable as the Elliot's aging co-worker. Christopher Plummer looks sinister and scary as the thief.

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Interesting thoughts! I like films that show that huge disconnect, where people just can't form adequate connections and in their lonely spiral of the soul end up getting pulled into strange stories. American Psycho is a little like that too, but in a different way.