1. How could Miles possibly know WHEN the Bank was going to get held up? If you recall, when Santa attempted to rob the Bank the first time, a kid and his mom showed up and the kid started hassling him so he decided to abort the robbery. The second time, Miles had already put the main money into his lunchbox. So how did he know the robbery would actually take place when it did? What if the robber hadn't robbed the bank when he did? Would miles have taken the money out of his lunchbox and put it back in the drawer? Seems like an awful big risk either way....

2. How could Miles possibly have known that the robber would come to HIM and not another teller?...I counted five teller windows at the bank and all of the lamps on each one were on, plus the fact that it's Christmas time - one of the busiest times of the year - so obviously, there were other tellers there. What are the odds of the robber coming to HIM?