If there had been a remake...

First of all, I have read this book many times and have no plans on watching the movie given the negative reviews.
Secondly, while reading the book, I have thought of some actors/actresses who I feel would have portrayed the following characters well. This is just my opinion only, though. I do know that at least one of these actors has passed away some years ago.
David Logan--played by Denzel Washington
Mary Logan--played by Angela Bassett
Big Ma Logan--played by Della Reese
Uncle Hammer Logan--played by Eddie Murphy
Mr. L.T. Morrison--played by the late Brock Peters
Who would've made a good Harlan Granger? Robert Duvall?
Or what about Wade Jamison, the polite attorney?
These are just my thoughts, but please feel free to provide any input if you like. Thank you everyone in IMDB land!! WLB :)