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One of the biggest movie dissapointments ever

After seeing the original "Legend of Boggy Creek" as a 2nd grader and being scared witless by it, my friends and I couldn't wait to see the "sequel."
We thought it would have that same creepy feel as the original. No such luck. We all hated it. I haven't seen it since. But there is some consolation, to this day, we call my brother "Big Bay Tye" and say "Gator T-fish!" whenever we go fishing.


I think a lot of people were disappointed by it because they expected it to be a suspenseful, creepy horror-type film like the first one, but ended up getting a fun little cute movie the whole family could enjoy. I think that if you don't turn on the movie expecting it to be just like the first one, then you should enjoy it. I thought it was a great movie.

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Yes, I think this was very much a family movie of sorts. The Sasquatch actually feels a little tacked on, like they were trying to cash in on the Bigfoot craze so they made alterations to a completely unrelated script. The creature's only real purpose seems to be to help tow the kids and the injured men further toward civilization. And that's pretty much it. It's kept in the dark, and we can barely see it, so the costume must not have been too good. The characters discuss the creature ever so often, but really the movie didn't need a Bigfoot creature at all.