The extras

Watching this movie over 30 years after it was made, I can't help but think what a blast the extras must have had making it. The movie itself is a major hoot, and the shoots look like they would have been fun.

All those people drifting around in rubber tires and floatation rings. "Okay, now. Pretend that a school of razor-toothed fish are biting you on the...." Hahaha.

The kids in particular, now adults, can point themselves out to their own children. "Look. There I am. That's me getting chowed down by killer piranha."

I never get tired of this goofy, charming piece of nostalgia from the late 70s. What fun for fans of light-hearted horror flicks! What fun for the extras who got to work on it!


Great to see a lot of the kids get bitten too. Frequently the brats seem to escape, while the parents/adults get all the treatment. The kid extras would have had a whale(Is that the right word? of a time getting covered with the fake blood.🐭


I always wonder if extras pause films and play them in slow motion to look for themselves themselves and then brag about it to their friends and family for years to come. That would be so fun.

In this movie there was an extra that really stood out to me in a scene at Aquarena. They wore a skintight, shiny gold outfit with a word I can't make out and then the word "Queen." I was thinking you'd be a laughing stock if you dared to leave the house wearing something like that today.