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why did he have an eye patch?

was there a reason the guy who owned the Clonus corporation (Mr. Walker) had an eyepatch? Did i miss something?

Also, since the Richad the politician was killed by being electrocuted with a radio in the swimming pool, did they simply kill his clone Richard as well? Since the host is dead, they don't need the clone, right?

And was Jeffrey Knight, the other politician, saved by Jeffrey's own clone? He was stabbed with a poker by his brother Richard. Then did they get Jeffrey a new heart from Jeffrey's clone? Is that the clone they show at the end with an incision near his heart? Or is that Richard the clone who they show at the end?

I kept thinking Richard the clone was Larry from Three's Company. ha!


Okay, i was confused too, but I think it goes like this; remember george, the dim blonde clone at the beginning? He was Mr. walker's clone (I think jeff knight refers to him -mr. walker- as 'george walker'); and jeff is saved by his brothers clone (they would be that same blood type) and the main reason for the eye-patch is to illustrate that walker has been using clone body parts for some time (they go through great strides to make walker look ancient w/ make-up) Mr. walker has had 1 eye replaced from his clone, george the dim clone at the start, this is why george is 'sent to america' to begin with.... Not very clear though...!


At the end they show that walkers clone (George) is missing an eye.


I got that but the thing that confuses me is if the clone was missing an eye, why was Mr. Walker wearing an eye patch? Was it not transplanted yet?


I think it was a way of showing that Mr Walker had something happen to his eye. It would have better if a medical bandage was used instead.

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