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Was Frank really a pedophile?

I wish more people (or anyone) were here talking about this film. I really enjoyed the performances and the avant garde shots and how it's just dripping with 1970's.
I don't understand why everyone describes this as a man who falls in love with a boy.
At no time in the film does Frank do or say anything sexual or innapropriate with Johnny.
He never even says that he has feelings other than a friend. Nor do we see any evidence of that

I personally think that Frank likes the way Johnny makes him feel.
Johnny has adoration for Frank so that makes Frank feel somewhat important. But more so I would say Johnny makes Frank feel young. Frank isn't quite ready to act like the grownup he should be and Johnny lets him postpone that inevitability.

Tell me what you think.
And you can watch this entire film right now 08/30/16 on YouTube. Just do a search for Mintreal Main 1974