Best rubdown scene ever?

Ursula Andress gets stripped naked, tied to a pole and is sensually smeared in body paint by two native girls in this film.

There are two other scenes from similar films which were influenced by Miss Andress's rubdown.

In Tarzan the Ape man (1981) Bo Derek was stripped naked then washed on all fours by native girls against her will before being tied down in a pit and gets a white paint job just like Ursula.

Another is Kathy Shower in The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck where Miss Shower is captured by a tribe in the jungles of Bolero and is also stripped naked but instead of being smeared in body paint/mud, Kathy is rubbed in body oil all over her body and breasts by the tribe women.

So out of these three rubdown sequences would any of you vote the best and why?