Available on DVD dirt cheap

All you hardcore fans of incredibly awful dimestore schlock cinema will be happy to know that this totally terrible turkey is available dirt cheap on DVD. EASTWESTDVD offers this smelly stinker on a dollar disc double bill with the strictly so-so mid 70's made-for-TV supernatural thriller "Beyond the Bermuda Triangle." You can either snag a copy at your local dollar store or purchase one on-line at: www.EASTWESTDVD.com.

"Warren Oates died for our sins"


We just watched it. Got it for a buck at a supermarket.

Wow. It was... um... It was unique.

Love that Robert Vaughn, though!



I absolutely love the first twenty-odd minutes of this flick with the one guy walking around the island and watching stock footage of various wars while his stream-of-conscious thoughts serve as droning narration. Unique is indeed the ideal word to describe this dismal doozy.

Q: What's the biggest room in the world? A: The room for improvement.