Could have been better

I love the creepy looking and sounding aliens but that and some parts with the music is about all there is to love about this movie.

If there weren't so many holes in the story, if there wasn't such a terrible job of editing, if they padded it with more explanation or at least a better sequence of events it would have been a more solid B movie rather than just a lot of explosions strung together.

Seriously, who was that agent guy who seemed to have half an idea of what was going on and how was he connected to the aliens? Did the aliens really leave the gun and the power source lying around again after taking down Billy? Was Billy dead at the end and if so... why wasn't he vaporized like the previous green guy? I don't buy they were able to vaporize the gun but not him, they took down the guy in the beginning without marking up that necklace of his.

I wanted to like this movie more, I know I've seen those stop motion aliens shown somewhere else and finally found out they originally belonged to this movie. This movie is like the intermission between a couple of really interesting ideas and stories going on... too bad it didn't come together.


Agree. If this movie didn't suck, it wouldn't suck.