Raw Meat

This movie is raw meat, close to bloody unwatchable. How am I supposed to get over the pitch of Volker Spenglers recitation in the slauhterhouse scene or a Schopenhauer reading nun?


but you must admit it deserves huge respect.

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It's dealing with historical trauma in a way that communicates a sense of trauma. Good art is (almost) always challenging or "punctuating" is some very visceral sense: Oedipus Rex, Macbeth, Crime and Punishment, Saturn Devouring his Young, Un Chien Andalou...


By re-watching the film again.

Now that you have seen the abattoir scene, go back and watch the film again.

I did that myself, after watching endeavouring to watch the film with children present, not knowing that type of content was in the film.

The juxtaposition of his recitation with the factory-line butchery is extremely symbolic and metaphorical.

During that sequence, Elvira says, and when our gaze lights on a monstrous deed, the soul stands still the while; that concept is vividly punctuated by the abattoir visuals, and the images stay within the mind of the viewer, broadening the meaning of each and every moment and theme of the film.