Little Lips

I recently seen this pedo-drama (lol) and I changed its rating like 4 times already oscillating between 6 (which is not so good in my book) and 7 (which for me means good movie). The problem comes from the male lead character who is so freaking bad. Until the last few minutes of the movie I had no sympathy for that idiot. I know the script/direction wanted to represent him as some kind of stoic (and I appreciate this), but bad shots that center on nudity/crotch ruin the atmosphere and who should the character have been.

Katya Berger was enchanting most of the time (and I hope she has kids otherwise it would be a loss for the human race), but the movie would've been better without some of her nude scenes.

In the end I think I will stick with 7 because the things I like about this thing just barely top the things that I dislike.

Too bad the director didn't do anything else. Some scenes were good enough.

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