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Heard of this film for a while, finally watched it last night

I loved it!

"And then I was being chased my an improperly filled in bubble screaming 'None of the above!' ".


Hey, It happened the same to me. For years I tried to see this movie but never did. For one reason or another I never saw it.
Finally I decided to rent it and for my surprise I found myself enjoying it. It's not a masterpiece but is funny and entertaining.


Ive loved it since i first saw it wow, almost three decades ago.


I recently just watched this movie for the first time as well the other night. It was actually very good and I would like to have it in my DVD collection. Warren Beatty was quite good and I also liked Jack Warden a lot in this too. Plus, Charles Grodin was great as always.

The one thing I wanted to see was what Leo Farnsworth actually looked like. It would have been cool to be able to see his reflection in the mirror. It would have made certain scenes like the Rams Superbowl tryout that much funnier if it turned out that LF was an older man.


Just tried to watch it after reading 'Star'. Found it limp, dated and flat. Warren looked nice though.

"ah have always depended upon the strangeness of kindness..."


Ah! good point.

That would have been a nice touch.

Also, his picture on the cover of FORBES, TIME, Wall Street Journal...

Kind of like if you took Mark Zuckerberg and whipped him into shape. :-)

There is a photo of LBJ in there, don't know if that means anything?