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Still holds up almost 40 years later

One of the best lessons in acting, plot and comedy.

Jack nailed it.

Dyan nailed it.

Even Charles nailed it.

Even the butlers nailed it OMG.

Even the maid with the Crockett ball nailed it.

Watched it 3 times, with subtitles, while rewinding certain scenes. Can't find a single weak spot. (although Joe needs a better ten speed and he could stand to trade in the 8mm for a laptop).

The scene where Farnsworth is trying to convince Max that he's really Joe? How many takes do you suppose was required to get that right?

Like writing, when acting is bad it sticks out like a sore thumb.

When it's excellent, you don't even notice it, and it never gets the credit it deserves.


Looks like TCM is going to start showing this now? It's on right now, first time I've ever seen it on TCM...I could t agree more, HCW is a wonderful film, holds up, and, as Ben Mankiewicz told Beatty pre-screening (Warren is a special guest tonight!), it's one of the better remakes, ever.