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Casting Connection to "Shampoo" ?

I was watching "Shampoo" (1975) and realized it cast Jack Warden, Warren Beatty, and Julie Christie together, just like in "Heaven Can Wait". Does anyone know if these three were cast together again in HCW because they got along so well in Shampoo? Or is it just a coincidence that they are reunited here?



I'm not sure about Jack Warden, but Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were in a serious romantic relationship for several years. During that time, she turned down important roles, and focused more on their relationship than on her career, and her career never recovered. They remained good friends after their break-up and he liked to give her work after that. He cast her in this movie and Shampoo, and offered her the lead in "Reds," but she turned it down. The role went to his then girlfriend Diane Keaton instead.

She was such a wonderful actress. It's a shame that we don't have more good movies with her after Heaven Can Wait. She's retired now, supposedly due to memory issues. She supposedly said that she can't memorize properly anymore. After her poignant performance in "Away from Her' (for which she received her final Oscar nomination) it would be terrible if she had dementia like her character in that film.

She's one of my all time favorite actresses. Al Pacino said that she is our most poetic actress. I agree.


Funny you mention Julie Christie's career in relation to WB and HCW. I've since learned more about Julie and Warren and , in fact, the film industry in the seventies, thanks to Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, among other books, but I was 9 or 10 when I first saw HCW (on cable), and while it wasn't difficult to find information on WB, as his career was in full swing around that time, Julie Christie was a mystery to me for many years, more of a myth than an actual working actress I might be able to see in any number of films.

I'd read and heard stories of her great beauty and talent, but after HCW, as far as I was concerned, she fell off the Earth! And this went on for years. Recently, I've seen Away From Her, and any number of her performances thanks to TCM (I am watchingHCW on TCM as I type this, and I hope it stays in their rotation). But in 1978, it was no easy thing for a 9-10 year old to be able to see Julie Christie in any film at all, other than HCW, despite her great reputation. All discussion and anything written about her was in the past tense, yet I knew she was alive and, presumably, well. As I said, she was a myth and a mystery!

IDK if what I'm trying to say is coming across, but anyway I'm glad that things are different now.


julie christie is an amazing talent. 'darling'; 'far from the madding crowd'; 'the go-between'---all amazing perfs.

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