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Worse Than The Worst Dr. Who. Cue Alpha Centauri!

I was appalled when I saw the date on this POS: 1978?! This is the year after the first Star Wars film (Episode IV). To freak me further, the film has a plagiarized light saber fight.

While watching the excremental effects, crap costumes, miserable makeup and abominable acting, I got a sense of nostalgia for old Dr. Who episodes. Then I realized: This film was more poorly made than the worst or Dr. Who episodes. If my least favorite Dr. Who character, Alpha Centauri, the monocular six-armed squeaky voiced hermaphroditic caped dildo from 'Curse of Peladon' had shown up in in this foul film I would have gasped 'thank god'.

The film's finishing touch is incredibly shaky credits laid on top of a dead steady still from the film. An atrocity.

Someone actually took this waste of acetate, silver and dye seriously? Humans are strange.

The only redeeming part of this abomination is getting a look at Antonio Sabato Sr. at age 35 as the captain. Poor guy.

Oh, and be sure to not see "War Of The Planets", the previous 1977 film from the same producers. It's as good as Ipecac. See if you can spot the plagiarized TARDIS room.


Not too mention the "robots". LMAO They look like a couple of rejects out of a music video.

Obviously one of many poor flicks who saw Star Wars but couldn't not one cent of its greatness. The light saber fights were hilarious too. The are even parts of this movie were this is no sound like the sound was synched out or edited out. LMAO.

This is another flick that would have been for Mystery Science Theater.