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Oliver Stone Versus The Critics

Some differing opinions on Go Tell The Spartans:

"In sure, swift strokes, it shows the irrelevance of the American presence in Vietnam, the corruption wrought by that irrelevance, and the fortuity, cruelty and waste of an irrelevant war." -Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Saturday Review.

"The best film I've seen about the Vietnam war." -Stanley Kauffmann, The New Republic.

"One of the noblest films, ever, about men in crisis." -Roger Grooms, Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Go Tell The Spartans was awful, a complete lie, worse than any of John Wayne's war movies." -Oliver Stone, interviewed in Fangoria #12, April 1981.

Interesting variation of opinion here. Personally, I'd rate the movie somewhere in the middle, neither excellent nor atrocious, merely average.

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Yeah...I don't know what OS is talking about. Maybe he was confusing it with another movie. Spartans is great.



Typical of a guy who actually fought in Vietnam and knew what it was actually like!

Its that man again!!


I saw it at the time, and remember nothing about it. The Vietnam War movie I thought was really underrated at the time was "The Boys in Company C."