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Is this the movie?

Where the jester says, I dont care if the Prince cant Come, my Pepees getting really hard.

If so, then I saw it in High School.


Not much chance of you coming back so many months later to get the answer to this, and of course I may be VERY wrong, but I believe that is a line from "Cinderella", the 1977 adult version of the fairy tale. I remember seeing "Cinderella" years ago and I don't believe I've ever seen "Fairy Tales", so I think it was that movie instead.

Though years have passed, I remember the exhausted Prince being carried into Cinderella's house saying, "I can't find my peepee" and the Wicked Stepmother eyeing his crotch and saying, "Not exactly king-sized, is it?" LOL

My wife and I used to laugh at those two lines. We were sad and had no life. :)


That was such a strange movie. I remember she was masturbating with corn on the cob that started popping into popcorn.