I loved this film.

From the very first frame, you're hit with the vibrancy and vitality of the town and its people, the sounds and the music. But obviously the main storyline is the relationship between Vadhino and Flor, and it is an all too human relationship which can be seen everyday in any town in the world.
Dissecting it would take up many seasons of Oprah, but it was instantly recognizable to me. Two young lovers, who lust for each other, get married--but it is a love-hate relationship. Vadhino is a ladies-man and a dead beat; he is a man led by his desires and his appetites, both sexual and financial. He mistreats Flor, and cheats on her with other women, but she can't get enough of him. So much so, that when he dies, she longs for him even after she's married to a decent, but boring pharmacist, to the point where his spirit comes back to please her.

It is of a simpler time and a place, yet it transcends them both.