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I specifically requested O. R. 8! (Spoilers)

Nurse: "Oh doctor, we're ready for you in O. R. 7."

Dr. Harris: "I asked for O. R. 8."

Nurse: "O. R. 8 is still occupied."

Dr. Harris: "I specifically requested O. R. 8!"

Any other good lines?


"I'm supposed to make it look like an accident."

"It can be in Zurich in.....hours. I'm sorry, but that's the best we can do. Thank you."

These hospitals are the modern cathedrals of today (or something like that).


I used to kid my old dentist that his exam room was OR-8. He replied that it was actually OR-7 1/2.


Dr. Harris: How do you feel about your friend's death?

Dr Wheeler: Confused. I feel confused's confusing!

The Messiah Is Not Coming...and He's Not Even Going to Call! - Israeli hit tune in 2001


The 1st anestia doc sounds like and acts like Ashton Kutchner, its the 70's version of him, kinda funny that 70's show.


Mrs. Emerson: The physician's tour is on Tuesdays...

Susan: I'd like to talk to your supervisor...

Mrs. Emerson: I have no supervisor.

Susan: Then the physician in charge--

Mrs. Emerson: There is no physician in charge.

Susan: You mean you're here...alone?

Mrs. Emerson: Of course not. There are orderlies, technicians, a security staff...I'm sure when you come on Tuesday it will all be clear to you. Now good-bye.


Susan: Hey Mark- get your own beer!


The best line in the entire movie is when directly after consoling Bujold, Widmark is alone in his office and he goes "Women!" So much for the caring chief surgeon. The way Widmark delivered his line was hilarious.


Maybe was hilarious, but it shouldn't have been in the movie. It tells the audience that he is not to be trusted and severely detracts from the reveal toward the end of the film. Instead of coming off as a supportive boss who truly wants (who appears to be) the only female doctor on his staff to advance, he comes off as an arrogant male chauvinist, harried at having to deal with a woman looking into affairs that are not her concern. Up until that point, you get the impression he is only concerned with her legal violation (HIPPA, or its 1978 precursor). Not so after, "Women! Christ!"


I guess I waited too long to respond to this post. This thread is as dead as Nancy Greenley.