Drinks in the drawer

Anyone else think that was a funny bit. He wakes up and takes a glass of juice out of the night stand. He offers Kahn's character a martini (olive or onion) and pulls one out of his desk drawer.

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That was funny, and he also had a shot of whiskey the 1st time he opened the drawer in the nightstand.

I saw a comedian who pulled a bottle of beer from his inside jacket pocket, like it was no big deal....I love visual funnies.

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There are scores of subtleties like that throughout the film. I probably didn't catch them all, but the ones I did I absolutely loved.


I also love how he's obviously categorized the drinks. He offers her a martini while opening the top drawer, then asks "olive or onion?" She prefers the onion, so he closes the top drawer, and opens the bottom drawer instead, lol.

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I love that sort of thing too. I don't remember seeing this when it came out, but TCM played it last week. Apparently I just wasn't in the mood for this type of silliness... I kept thinking that it should be cracking me up... those lines, those visual funnies, those actors; I just couldn't get into it. I do think it was me and not the movie... hopefully it will show again when I am in the right mood.


so so so there 4 u

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4 comedy
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