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August 2013: a new DVD from Koch Media

The newer DVD, Das grüne Zimmer from Koch Media, is a big improvement over the MGM one.
The picture is clearer and cleaner; the aspect ratio of 1.66 is equal to the OAR (the MGM DVD was cropped to 1.33).

☝ The picture for the DVD box cover is the same as one used by MGM. You want the one with the title in German!
The optional subtitles available are German, English (although not indicated on the back cover) and, of course, none.
There is also a German dub, in addition to the original French (Dolby Digital 2.0) audio. I believe this much better transfer was made for the German/French arte TV channel, when it was aired in 2008.

The bookcase includes an essay Eine Kerze für Truffaut by Robert Fischer.