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What is the cause of Julien's death?

He just dies suddenly and unexpectedly. How come?

«I was on the fire escape! I saw ya!»


In James' Altar of the Dead, it is hinted that the woman friend is to continue to look after the altar, when Stransom is dead.
Then Stransom is devastated to find his woman friend is commemorating a man who wronged him so much. Stransom's health is deteriorating:

There was proof enough besides in his being so weak and so ill. His irritation took the form of melancholy, and his melancholy that of the conviction that his health had quite failed.
There was a strange confusion in the thought, for he felt the day to be near when he too should be one of the Others.
In March he had an illness during which he spent a fortnight in bed
Eventually, despite him being very feeble, he goes to the shrine, wanting to add one candle to the array, just one.


Does the physical cause of his death matter? Hadn't he been mentally among the dead for many years, more interested in joining them than in living?