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New DVD is incredible.

Why the heck aren't people talking about this movie? I had never seen it prior to the new DVD and am floored after watching it twice in one day. This movie is a solid 10 in my book and has infinite replay value. I am just shocked that no one is talking about it....


I'm glad you just discovered it. I saw it on the big screen in 1983 with a double feature of Easy Money w/Rodney Dangerfield. I have loved this movie all my life and had a vcr tape of it for years that i would turn other people on to, frequently!

It is so awesome to own it on DVD. When i saw it at Wal-Mart, I almost flipped!! Finally!



Oh yeah this is one of my favorite Venoms films and i just got the newly released DVD to add to my collection. It surprised me that it has it's original Mandarin version remastered. I've always wondered what the actors were saying in the english version, and i can now used those subtitles. Dragon Dynasty should also remaster Magnificent Ruffians that's one of my favorites too.