Character coda's?

I finally got around to watching the DVD release of this. I could have sworn there was an 'American Graffiti' style wrap up of what happened to the remaining characters after the events of the film.

I haven't seen this in a LONG time, so I could just be mis-remembering, just thought I'd ask.

**Skin that Smokewagon and see what happens!** Tombstone


I wondered the same thing too. I had a crappy version that had the wrap up but the new DVD version doesn't. What was the point in removing it?


I saw it with the epilogue. I looked it up to tell my mates here:

"Of the 110 original members of Company C,43 were killed in action, including Tyrone Washington, who was awarded the Navy Cross. 51 were wounded, among them Vinnie Fazio, who is permanently confined to the VA Hospital, Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. Lieutenant Archer and 2 others are still listed as MIA (Missing In Action). Billy Ray Pike, one of 3 deserters, left the US Naval Hospital in Da Nang and made his way to Canada, where he now lives with his wife and son. On 21 March, 1968, a replacement company airlifted from Camp Pendleton, California, relieved what was left of Company C, which then officially ceased to exist as an active unit in the United States Marine Corps."