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New Title: 'Leave No Cliche Unturned'

I just revisited this movie, and got sick of one movie cliche after another. The loudmouth from NY, the wise Chicago black, the peacenik hippy who won't kill, the insane captain, and on and on and on. Geez writers, couldn't you give us a break, just once?

Billy the Kid


You forgot the most popular Hollywood cliche, where you have a (literal) cross section of America, to include the typical NYC hustler, but for some reason, they all report to boot camp in San Diego. The Mississippi River is the unofficial border for Marine recruits to ship to MCRD Parris Island, SC or MCRD San Diego, CA.


Oh. no, oh, no, boohoohoo no, no, blub,blub blub...
Worst Crying Ever.


Have to agree. Bear in mind however, this was the first Vietnam movie in its kind, the actual war had barely ended, so the writers had to find their way how to portray the characters.


I'm thinking this movie created a alot of these cliches?

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."


Seeing the word "cliche" caught my eye...and made me think about how *complaining* about the use of cliches...has become

I remember a very poorly-written review of "John Carter" which complained how the film "recycled and re-used every sci-fi cliche known to man."

Uhh...this is "John Carter" - written by Edgar Rice Burroughs - who INVENTED those cliches!