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Andrew Steven's DVD Commentary

The worst commentary I have ever heard. For those who haven't heard it, this is what I took away from it. "I cut my ski vacation short to make this movie. I was supposed to fly 1st class to Luzon but flew coach. I roomed with Stan Shaw and I am much better than him, at everything. I hurt my ankle but was still better than Stan Shaw. I risked cancer b/c I inhaled the smoke from burning tires used to make the smoke in the movie. Did I mention I am better than Stan Shaw? We were all accomplished musicians, listen to me play the harmonica. I got a sunburn. One day when testosterone levels were high, Stan Shaw and I got in a terrible argument over Lucille Arnez's age. I don't know what his problem was. I found a carving of a Saint that really scared Stan Shaw, he thought was a voodoo doll. Look at me in the background, my hat looked funny. When you play soccer on a ship you have to be careful to not kick the ball overboard, because you can't get it back..."

I think Noble Willingham could have done a better job.


I agree, it is terrible. It's mostly dead air throughout the film because there are so few instances when he opens his mouth. When he does speak, he spouts off the most pointless and trivial information you can think of.

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra


Oh, he left out the part where he saw the movie Slaughter and got mad watching Jim Brown screw his mother (Stella Stevens)