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Uncut, widescreen DVD available!

Very disturbing film, even for long-time exploitation fans.

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ooh tempting to you have it?.

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I used to have it, but I sold it two years ago. It's a terrible film. Truly sickening. Highly misogynistic. Avoid it, Harry. But go for the new DVD of the porno version of Alice in Wonderland (1976) - it's superb!


Why in the world would you write a post on the board for this film advertising that the DVD is available (using exclamation points, no less), and then tell someone who is interested to steer clear? Seems kind of counter productive. But thank you for the link nonetheless, I'll be checking it out.

PS: The 76 version of Alice is terrible. It fails on all accounts: bad as a porn, bad as a musical, bad as a film.
For a great porn, check out Behind the Green Door instead. Or for more of a comedy check out Hot Skin from 77.

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