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When 'the man' wants the car and threatens the small girl


(S'il y a seulement des francophones ici, je ne sais pas pourquoi on ne pourrait pas écrire en français (moi, je suis flamand, donc je dois traduire en tout cas))

come on, am I the first who comments on this movie - a quarter of a century old- which is so .. fascinating?!

When "the man" (the guy who takes advantage of their place), wants the car, he first hangs up the youngest boy. When the small girl calls him names (she didn't really know when to shut up), he lifts her up, and starts throwing her around. A lot has already happened in this movie. I really wasn't sure how this was gonna play out. (Maybe he wouldn't kill her, but perhaps hurting her?) The moving camera, the music... it was all so suspensful.

I don't know stuff from Hollywood that is quite like this, it was well done!

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