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How does this compare to Ai No Corrida?

I saw Ai No Corrida a month or so back, and thought it was astonishing and disturbing. I'm glad someone took cinema to THAT point, but I don't think it should be repeated. My rating: 79%

It seems that both Ai No Corrida and Ai No Borei have been given an overall rating of 6.5/10. Could anybody who has seen both tell me whether I would enjoy the latter? There's a copy at my local HMV - but it's £ it worth it?



Not as explicit & vastly improved production values.Intense ending.It's worth a look.


I saw new prints of both films together tonight, and Ai No Corrida is by far the superior film. I don't know how anyone could say the production value of Ai No Borei is better.

Both movies are strong. Oshima keeps his attention on powerful, overwhelming sexual impulse in relation to culture each time. Ai No Corrida is essentially a masterpiece and major milestone in the history of erotic narrative in cinema. Ai No Borei is structurally not on par with that movie, and the production value is IMO slightly cheaper and rushed in comparison.

I'd guess that anyone finding fault with Ai No Corrida might want to avoid Ai No Borei, which was far more difficult for me to sit through. If one is an Oshima fan, then it really should be seen.

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