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Wuthering Heights BBC mini series 1978

This is the most accurate portrayal of Bronte's story that I have ever seen. And I haven't seen it in over 20 years.
The characters and the context in this series are the most true version of the book.
I have seen most portrayals of Wuthering Heights but none have met my expectation, nor touched me like this mini series, that I have been trying to locate ever since.
Does anyone out there have a copy of this 1978 mini series?

Wuthering Heights fan


I have never seen this version but would love to. If you can find a copy somehow, please let me know.
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I have just found a copy of this production at, although it is on a DVD-R. I'm not sure about the picture quality, though.


I just got this from the UK. This one lists Dick Coles as Director when in fact, he's the scenic designer.

Come on people, give Peter Hammond his due credit!



I have been been following the directing career of Peter Hammond -- I've had a crush on him since 1957 and his role in The Buccaneers TV show with Rbt Shaw. So I have been collecting anything on him or by him as I follow his career, specifically his directing technique

Watching WH is a true labor of love , because I **loathe** WH. Alway have. It's a terrible story.

But I have to concede this production does it quite some justice - dark, surly, intense, ugly, insane. Which is precisely what the story is.

Hammond's touches are there with the set-ups, composition, the reflections, intimate use of camera allowing an actor to expand and be "small" at the same time.

Pity Hammond never directed a "Hamlet."


I got my copy free in the daily mail a few months ago