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Worst episodes or ones you don't bother watching anymore?

For me it's the one when Elaine and Alex go on a whirlwind trip of the world.
WTF were the writers thinking?
It's like they had run out of ideas.
First of all, how are we supposed to believe that Alex and Elaine can afford that.
Elaine has to work two jobs to make ends meet and are there cabbies that make enough for such a vacation?
And then it's implied that Elaine leads on Alex to have sex with him?
I don't like that at all.

Damn I'm good.


I hate the one with Tonys father the sailor -- never watch it.
I hate the one YOU mentioned here.
Not crazy for the Lollabye of Broadway one.

"The ENEMY of my ENEMY is my FRIEND"


Hmmmm there a few duds on the show worth mentioning. I agree with the Europe episode and would add....

Simka and her green card
Tony's father
Elaine dating the dude who took a vow of silence
Elaine dating Jeffrey Tambor
Elaine dating Wallace SHAWN
Alex and the dog
Tony adopting the kid who we never end up seeing again
Episodes dealing with Latka and his multiple personality disorder


"Episodes dealing with Latka and his multiple personality disorder"

Amen to that one for sure.


I rather liked those episodes, for whatever reason.


I rather liked that episode. As far as being able to afford the trip, well, it's magical TV sit-com money we're talking about anyway. But even in reality there are times when airfares allow a bargain trip to Europe. Beyond that, we see that Alex has money problems by the end of the trip and Elaine probably hasn't spent a dime thanks to all of her suitors.

So, off the top of my head, the stinkers would be the one where Elaine is dating a guy who has taken a vow of silence, and pretty much any episode centered around Simka (can't remember how many that would be). There was also an Elaine centered episode (I think in season 1) where she was having a breakdown, I think that one was bad, but I'd have to re-watch.

The worst would be the one with Tony and his father. That one really stunk up the place.