What's this all about? Never heard of it, but sure would like to see it!!! Anyone have ANY ideas about how I could go about accomplishing that?

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You can get a DVD-R of it at: http://www.pimpadelicwonderland.com.
Ethier that or I'm sure you could download of somebody.

I doubt it will come out on DVD any time soon (if at all) so this is the only way of seeing it.

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Thanks for the response. I did check out that sight - I saw some wild stuff up there, tons that I had never seen or heard of, but some that I HAD seen but not for years and years! It was great. And although I did see the Starr films Blindman and Candy (even though it came out in '68-?), there was no trace of the sought-after TV movie listed here as "RINGO."
I appreciate your trying, and at least I saw that cool 70s cinema site !

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Even as a kid, I recall this special as being pretty awful -- and yet I must see it for nostalgia's sake one day! (My clearest memory from the show is a running joke where Ringo repeatedly has to decline performing Beatles songs that he didn't originally sing!) Ask around on www.dejanews.com aka the Usenet (at rec.music.beatles) and you'll find someone who'll sell you a watchable bootleg copy, no doubt. [In fact, here's an out-of-date, but possibly still active, offer: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.video.tape-trading/browse_thread/thread/ea85fd025a43c640/d0575b1c7f555a31?lnk=gst&q=ognir+rrats+1978#d0575b1c7f555a31]

The real tragedy is that natural comic actor Ringo was offered, but turned down, the chance to star (no pun intended) in two additional specials, one written by Douglas "Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy" Adams + members of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and the other by legendary meta-comics The Firesign Theatre!!! (The script to the former is excerpted in Graham Chapman's book "OJRIL - The Completely Incomplete Graham Chapman.")

Instead he settled for dreck like "200 Motels," "Son of Dracula," "Sextette," "Give My Regards To Broad Street," the insipid "Caveman" and this half-baked mess!

(NOTE: "Candy" and "Magic Christian" -- both written by Texas genius Terry Southern -- are worth watching if you don't mind your entertainment being somewhat... unusual.)

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