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Any plans to bring this out on DVD or Videotape?

And what about "The Singing Detective?" Any one have any notion about if or when that will be made available on DVD?



I do not know about the video. I believe it is available in the UK. As to the a DVD version, I wrote to the BBC to ask them if they had any plans in this direction and received a reply that they did not. What a pity, perhaps if enough people pester them?



"Singing Detective" is coming out in the US this year. Don't know about "Pennies"; we should write the BBC as someone else suggested.


I think the reason we haven't see this incredibly amazing series on VHS or DVD has to do with the cost involved. The licensing fees required for permissison to use all the great songs are just too prohibitive for the BBC. It is a real shame. I fortunately have a 2-CD set of the music that I really love listening to. I just wish I had taped "Pennies" when it was last broadcast on PBS. I remember saying, "Oh, it will be on again.: :(



I don't know about the licensing issue; if I'm recalling this production correctly, all the songs used were pre-1940 and therefore should be in the public domain already. I could be wrong but even if they aren't up for grabs then surely no one would expect to pay top dollar for songs that have been around for so long.

Anyway I too was lucky enough to catch a PBS broadcast of this series eons ago and would love nothing more than to add it to my collection. If anyone is interested in starting up some sort of campaign you'll have my full support.

P.S. to the fan who mentioned Bob Hoskins and that blond woman, her name is Cheryl Campbell and she's absolutely fabulous. One of my all time favorite actresses!


Add me to the list of people who would love to own Pennies From Heaven, Lipstick On Your Collar, Singing Detective, in fact all of Dennis Potter's TV series on DVD. Unfortunately I cant see it being released without some big fanfare, marketing and a huge price tag to it. Go on Beeb do us a favour and show some of them again on BBC3 or something. Go on!

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Hi there,

The Singing Detective is being released tomorrow, 8th March on DVD, and
Pennies from Heaven will be released on 31st May. Both Region 2. This
according to Amazon UK.

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Apparently Pennies will be out in Region 1 later this year as well.

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To cap it all: I now have both "Pennies..." and "...Detective" on DVD. *sigh* Thank you Beebe! If there's anyone left to thank at the Beebe...

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