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Somebody out there taped this !!!!

It would be "illegal" for me to solicit a copy of this production. But ...... if the copyright holders choose not to produce a video/DVD version after <em> TWENTY SIX FREAKING YEARS </em> I certainly feel no "moral compunction" about seeking a copy. My wife and I look (in vain) each time we get one of those PBS catalogs.... my wife CALLED PBS to find out more ... they gave her the number of the production company in London, England ... She CALLED London ... They seem to have no plans to produce a video/DVD version ...

When we saw "The Singing Detective" on PBS, we were reminded about Mr. Potter's genius as evidenced (just as strikingly) in "Pennies From Heaven". We haven't even been able to force ourselves to watch the Steve Martin remake, so certain are we of our eventual disappointment. We of course own a copy of "Detective".

I see others share our frustration. Can we start a movement?



You must be happy that it's now been released on DVD.
You can't hold a candle to Gulbenkian.



Steve Martin is a great actor but please tell me you are joking about the film version of "pennies" being superior to the tv version.You are joking ,yes?