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What Episodes Had 'The Screamer' in Them?

Posted this a few days ago, it never went through,

What episodes had the guy that would randomly scream? That always used to scare me! I remember a scene where a new student hears the scream and asks Hart, "What was that?" Hart answers back, "That's our screamer. Wait! He only screams mornings!"



There were two episodes in the first season. The pilot, in which the dorm advisor is having his first meeting with Hart, and a later episode during the madness of cramming for mid-terms - in which the "screamer" gets on Hart's last nerve and the group checks into a hotel for the duration.


Actually three episodes. The "Screamer" is also heard at the beginning of episode #3 (but actually episode #2 in terms of production order) as Hart is writing a letter to his parents.