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Do you agree with the show...

... being on this list?


They tried a remake in 1998 and it lasted one season. No one can replace Ricardo Montalban. He was a suave one of a kind under rated actor. The chemistry between him and Herve Villechaize would be hard to recreate with other actors. They've announced on several occasions that they were going to remake this show, once with even with Eddie Murphy as a possible host. I just like to sit back and enjoy the original. It was fun and campy.


I LOVED the original Fantasy Island with Ricardo and Herve. I recently purchased seasons 4-7 on DVD and am binge-watching it between wrapping Christmas gifts.

Would I want to see a re-boot? Yes. I would like to see what the creators do with the concept. (Maybe Roarke could be a female? Maybe they could do storylines regarding the LGBTQ community? Maybe someone's fantasy could be to thwart a terrorist attack? Something about global warming or environmental crimes or animal rights? How about an episode based on the presidential election, in which someone's fantasy is to become US President and prevent people like Trump and Clinton from getting in to the Oval Office?)

But I agree that Ricardo and Herve will be a tough act to follow. I didn't really care for the re-boot with Malcolm McDowell because I didn't recognize any of the guest stars, and I got the feeling that the network really didn't give the re-boot a chance to find its audience. It was there and then it was gone.

Time will tell.