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What's your favorite episode?

Let's try to bring some life back in this forum, shall we? As the title states, what's your favorite episode? Mine would have to be the one where Tattoo becomes the love god. Obvious reasons.


Hervé Villechaize is a sex god and my eternal soulmate. <3


The one where Adrienne Barbeau is chubby and her fantasy is to lose weight and go to her high school reunion. This was around the apex of Miss Barbeau's big curly do, and in her "chubby" scenes, her big hair triples in size. It's really something.


The one where Annette Funicello's ventriloquist dummy comes to life and tries to take over her life!! Saw that one as a kid and it still terrifies me!


I just saw your post a little while ago, so here are some of my choices:

Season 1 - The pilot episode where Eleanor Parker attends her own funeral.

Season 2 - Whodunit with Celeste Holm
Nightmare with Pamela Franklin and Ray Milland
Pentagram with Florence Henderson

Season 3 - Hit Man with David Doyle
Goose for the Gander with Doris Roberts and Abe Vigoda
Class of 69 with Adrienne Barbeau
Dr. Jekyll & Miss Hyde with rosemary Forsyth and Don Stroud

Season 4 - The Devil & Mandy Breem with Roddy McDowall and Carol Lynley
Concerto of Death with Dennis Cole
Jack the Ripper (Victor Buono was GREAT in that role!)
Crescendo / 3 Feathers with Toni Tenille and Hugh O'Brian
The Chateau with David Hedison

Season 5 - Devil & Mr. Roarke / Ziegfeld Girls
Funny Man with Jimmy Dean
Quiz Masters with Jan Murray and Gene Rayburn

Season 6 - Curse of the Moreaus with Stuart Whitman
Face of Fire with Lynn Redgrave

Season 7 - Curtain Call with Milton Berle
Roarke's Sacrifice with Cyd Charisse

As a general rule, I disliked any segment that was about Roarke or Tattoo. (E.g., Roarke's romance with Samantha Eggar, Tattoo becoming a love god, etc.).
I also dislike any episode that has to do with people time-traveling to take part in either of the World Wars.


Mine is probably "Vampire" with Robert Reed; very corny, but 70's vampires rule.