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Want This On DVD? Sign My Petition!

Hi. I'm petitioning Time-Warner Co. to release several of their "forgotten" catalogue titles with an online petition. If you want them to know how many of us desperately want to see "Welcome To L.A." on DVD, please follow the link and sign it. You don't have to care about the other films and you can make a comment along with your signature, such as "WELCOME TO L.A."!!!!!!!

Something subtle like that.

When the numbers get high enough, I'll send it on to their home video division.

The petition:

(One of the other films is the great "Shoot The Moon" from 1982)

The squeaky wheel gets the DVDs! Join me!

I'll keep you up to date.

Thank You,
Frank Mugavero



Please sign this petition for Welcome to LA to be released on DVD:
It only takes 5 seconds to do it! This is more effective than the other online petition because it is set up exclusively for Welcome to LA. I have several signatures already! Thanks, Chris Lindsay