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2004 Hallmark version = Most Faithful

Though this IS a decent attempt it left out big chunks of the story like Justine being framed for William's death and Victor briefly being accused of killing Henry.

Here. This is the version of Frankenstein that actually follows the book. And the creature looks more like what Mary Shelley described. This is a mini-series from 2004 and unlike the 1994 film that claimed to follow the novel... This one actually did.


Clip from the end where the creature quotes Paradise Lost (just as he often did in the novel)

More clips:

Notice how the creature actually looks like and speaks like what Mary Shelley described.

In regard to the version from 1994 that claims to follow the book. No. Just no.

1. The creature did not look like that.
2. He did not talk like a stroke victim.
3. He never ripped out Elizabeth's heart.
4. He was never made with parts of Waldman.
5. He should not have been bald from the start, the creature never had the brain inserted that way. Read the book, people! Each layer of his body was added one at a time, skin and hair last. He's not a robot.
6. He did not kill Alphonse Frankenstein.
7. Elizabeth was never brought back Frankenstein style.
8. The monster never set himself on fire.

I resent the 1994 version because people see the title and assume it follows the book and never know that there is one out there that actually does follow the novel.

The Robert de Niro film is not bad but they need to stop assuming it follows the book.