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No discussion for this amazing film?

I can't believe there isn't even a review or anything on this page. This is the first film I've seen by Monteiro, but I'll definitely be looking for more.


eh, I wasn't amazed. I mean yeahhh it covers a lot of ground, from documentary-like segments to purely mythic tales similar to what we saw in Pasolini's life trilogy (the one about the devil was pretty awesome! But the horse certainly didn't run as fast as the wind ) and from ancient times to the 20th century and draws a trail for mythologies in this canvas and it has a nice calm mood but I wasn't as impressed as I expected. Any particular reason you liked it so much? I'm still looking forward to Silvestre.

As far as I'm concerned, you can drop off the Earth.


Fantastic filme indeed. Rarely has Portugal been portrayed with such beauty and lyricism on film.


-You won't forget me now?

-No. I've got nobody else to remember.


Wonderful Movie!!