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Comparing it with the Blame It on Rio remake

BIOR switched up the fathers. Now it's the divorced one who has the encounter with the daughter. In addition the wife is never seen, only participates via the phone.

They also switched up the daughters in the sense that it's the thinner one who has the affair.

Adding the wife character and all of those scenes really added a lot.

IAWM didn't really have an ending; BIOR added one.

The French Riviera, even though it is the French Riviera, is not made to look as good as Rio.

Interestingly BIOR kept the topless at the beach idea near the start, which maybe wasn't necessary, but I suppose does signal what kind of movie it's going to be.

There's no hanggliding or naked selfie-taking.
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Un moment d'égarement (original French title) is being screened on the French free-to-air channel, HD1 at 2235 French time tonight - and yes, it's in HD too!

Meanwhile, for those outside the French TV reception area who won't get to view it, here are some screencaps of Agnes Soral in the film (phew!):

I've waited nearly 35 years to see this film again...