French Cinema

Could be film noir, if it wasn't en couleur!

The plot concept is an old one, and principally well executed here; compared to newer, so-called 'sexier' surroundings. Well executed, because it focuses on the topic as such, how it so happened to occur, luckily without any 'good' or 'bad' (which clearly distinguishes it from Hollywood). Even the 'guilt' is kind of invisible, except of its incarnation as 'remorse'.

The directing is lousy, however. Cinematography almost inexistant, may I suggest they better had focused on documentaries? It starts like one, starts to bore, 'the thing' just so happens, and only then does it start to become bearable, when the father looks for the culprit, and the girl misses her 'lover', and the lover doesn't know how to handle the matter. Great stuff for a good director; here they mostly fill roles of film in a manner that looks more like spontaneous action.

Recommendation: If you have nothing better, watch this one. It is bearable. If you happen to have something else, think twice.