Haven't Seen It For A Long Time

Since it came out, actually, but I remember it as being quite funny, with Arthur Lowe as an incredibly bumbling Dr Watson causing the deaths of most of the people he came into contact with. I would like to see it again: I may be disappointed but still...



I wrote a review today, it's up now. This is terrible. And utter waste of time and not remotely funny.

Watson was only partially responsible for the death of one person: a guy was stabbed in the back. Watson watches him while Holmes goes to get help. Watson pulls the nife out and their assistant warms him that you should never pull the knife out, it'll cause hemmoraging. So Watson puts the knife back in and has trouble so him whacks it in, finally killing the man.

There was a sequence where Watson got his body, then hand, stuck in a closing metal window protector that was being raised and closed to help him out, each time an unseen assassin was shooting in, but Watson was not controlling it.

The New Number 2: "Are you going to run?"
Number 6: "Like blazes. First chance I get."