Anyone see this?

I saw this last night at the American Cinematheque. I really liked it. I was wondering if anyone else saw it, because there seemed to be a scene missing or maybe not.

Here is what I saw. (spoilers): within the first 20 minutes of the film the hero returns home. He senses something awry and enters the house. He is imediately hit on the forehead and then the back of the head. There is a super quick shot of his wife, I think. We don't see the assailants. Next shot we see the hero leave the building where he just was assaulted. Finds his dog dead, hops in the wagon. On the trip he pauses at a creek to wet his handerchief to cool his bruises. We see a man smoking in the wagon laying prone.

All questions this scene raises are anwsered sort of. It really felt like there was a scene missing. A scene where whe are introduced to the marauding band. The band just sort of appear. I've seen other movies by this same film maker and know he plays with time, like in Marketa. but this eliptical cut seemed out of place in this movie, since he never makes an exclusion like this in the movie agian. The projectionist said there were a lot of splices in the film.

Anyone know if there was a lost scene? Can you describe it?

I realy liked the film. It seemed the man did everything to save his family, including is inaction. My wife said it moved too slow. But I differ. The man was planning his attack. Proof: He was training his boy on how to run the farm and how to exert his manhood the proper way. In this way the man was preparing the boy to be the man, if man's attacks faild. To paraphrase "ride the high country" the hero of the film lived and died a justified life.

Anyway, a really good film. See it if you can.

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Your observation is the very reason I referred to IMDB because I noted the same lack of continuity from the mug scene to the guy pausing at a brook. In fact I replayed the scenes again thinking how much could I have missed by just reaching for a smoke and lighter? Anyway, it's a great movie so far. I get the feeling this is going to be a Buford Pusser knockout.

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