There is a DVD of this movie available from Ebay but it includes only the original Italian soundract -- there are no English subtitles or dub. It's not available in the U.S. on either DVD or VHS. Will there ever be a DVD for U.S. consumption?


Man, I hope so.

You can't hold a candle to Gulbenkian.


I remember seeing a VHS copy of this a couple of decades ago... pretty sure it was subtitled or might have even been dubbed. I understand there is a recent Italian release DVD with no subtitles or dubbing available.

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There was a VHS release in the US by Prism the back in the early 80s. It's out of print and rare, but you can find copies sometimes as cheap as $25-30. The thing is, the film wasn't dubbed into English. The original language was English, spoken by the actors themselves.

I watched a version recently with Italian audio that was taken from a widescreen (laserdisc?) release with burned-in Japanese subtitles. Clearly, the lip movements were out of sync and all the scenes appeared to be exactly the same as the English version. At least, as far as I could tell.

So, strangely enough, this seems to have been an Italian film set in France and made with Italian and French actors speaking original English, which was then dubbed back into Italian for release in Italy. I think some of the voices were done by different people too, especially for the Justine and Juliette characters. They just sounded wrong.

Well, even if that makes the fullscreen English VHS the "best" current version, I would still love to hear more about this recent Italian DVD (2006, by Millenium Storm) from anyone who has it. Most sites claim it's in widescreen, but others say fullscreen. If the specs are right and the quality as good or better than the Japanese version, I might have to take the risk and buy it. Hopefully, I could then somehow figure out how to add the English audio track from my VHS tape to the DVD.


You can find English-language dvds at places like ioffer, but expect transfer quality commensurate with copies duped from an old VHS source that far from ideal in the first place. Which of course is particularly unfortunate for a movie photographed by Storaro (about the same time as "1900"), which probably looked great in its original release.



>Will there ever be a DVD for U.S. consumption?

Sigh. A case of overwhelming cynicism leads me to muse: thinking of the wider US market, or for that matter, the broader North American market of the US and the "mini-Me" to the North, I'm not sure the market is capable of consuming and digesting such a delightfully subversive (subversively delightful?) movie as this. And it makes me sad.

I hate to think of such unique movies possibly being lost forever.

I'd be totally down with buying a relatively high quality copy, should it ever come available, having seen the movie on a cable movie channel, way back in the early days of cable movie channels. How daring we were. Heck, they even ran 'Story of O' on the cable movie channel in those days.

Spiderman XXVII anyone?