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Military unit the soldiers were from

In the scene where Gen. Shomron (Charles Bronson) is talking to Col. Netanyahu, just before they step out into the hangar to brief the assembled commandos and have a Q&A session, there's the following exchange:

Shomron: Yoni, on this mission I think we should use mostly marksmen.
Yoni: I'll build around a nucleus of _________ special forces, and augment with the Golani Brigade.

What was the special forces unit he mentioned? What he said didn't sound totally like Sayeret Matkal, which is the Israeli Defense Forces' main special forces unit.

Anybody know?


I don't know what he said, but it doesn't matter, the men who performed the mission were Sayeret Matkal.

Am Yisrael Chai!


I believe he said Sayeret, but it has been a while. That would be the generic term for "special forces" it actually means "reconnaissance unit." The assault force was made up of Sayeret Matkal. The security force that guarded the perimeter and destroyed the MIGs were from Golani.

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He said the Golani Brigade. A legendary division of the IDF, or as it is known in Israel, TZahal. (Those or the letters on the uniform). Think of the Golani as the equivalent of EZ Company, or the "Big Red One" in the US army. Lots of combat action, and although not a "special forces" per se, an elite unit.


FYI - However, in real life it was Sayaret Matkal which Netanyahu led. Interestingly, his brother Binyamin, Benjamin, had been involved in their first famous rescue, 5 years earlier at Lod airport. Sayaret Matkal is specifically a hostage rescue anti terror unit.